Tips On Improving Your Relationship With Your Wife

“Couples’ expectations about what marriage should be like are completely off from the reality of what marriage is actually like”  That is according to Dr. Chantal Gagnon PhD LMHC. Keeping a marriage healthy and loving is a difficult task to maintain. Sometimes, no matter how a couple cares for each other, there will come a time wherein staying happy in a marriage becomes challenging. In fact, there are days when choosing to stay with a partner feels like a complete struggle. If you experience any of these, then it is a sign that you are having troubles in the marital union. Do not fret because there are many ways on how you could spice things up with your wife.




Here are some of the practical tips on how to improve your relationship with your wife:


Listen To What She Has To Say

One of the most important things in a marriage is communication. This does not only involve the physical act of talking to each other on a regular basis. It also includes giving each other a chance to be heard. This means that you must not only allow your wife to open up to you. At the same time, it is highly crucial that you make her feel that you are listening to everything she says. Remember all the little things that she tells you.




Spend More Time Together

Take note that having quality time is an essential ingredient in a successful relationship. Do not let your work or business bring turmoil in the marriage. While it is important to focus on things that give you an opportunity to earn money, it is also crucial to give attention to the one you love. “It can be difficult to re-establish a healthy routine and empower yourself after a toxic relationship. Fortunately, coming to the realization that you need to let go is one of the most difficult steps.” Heather Edwards LMHC, NCC, BCC said. Do not make your partner think that you are too busy to care for her. As much as possible, go out on dates or random road trips on a regular basis. Even a simple dinner date at home could already mean a lot to your spouse.


Practice Honesty

The number one thing to avoid in any marriage is lying to the other person. Make an effort to practice honesty at all times. If you want to earn or keep the trust of your wife, then be sure always to tell her everything. Do not make it a habit to keep secrets about your everyday life. At the same time, try to talk to your partner whenever something is bothering you. Give yourself a chance to become vulnerable to your wife.




Learn How To Compromise

Arguments and fights are only typical in any marriage. You cannot expect things to be always perfect for you and your wife. Having a misunderstanding or conflict is okay as long as you do not allow it to bring you apart from each other. Whenever there is an unresolved issue in the marriage, do not hesitate to compromise. Remember that compromising does not mean that you are admitting your mistake. It is an excellent way to save your marriage from being shattered by a basic argument or problem. Aside from this, never forget the significance of using the right words or right tone when conversing with your wife.


“Participating together as a couple gives the partners the opportunity to pay closer attention to one another and listen more intimately to their needs, wants, and dissatisfactions, thus establishing a closer bond and a more intimate connection.” Dana Baduna, PhD, LMFT said. Keep all these tips in mind so that you can have a better relationship with your beloved spouse.