Why It Seems So Hard To Love Yourself? (Mental Health Awareness)

Since many people are now acknowledging the importance of mental health, everyone is trying to master the art of self-love. Honestly, that is an excellent thing to do because everybody is currently facing many difficulties and uncertainties in life. Thus, it is entirely beneficial to focus on looking for ways to love yourself before anything else. But unfortunately, the process is not instant. You need to get over some hurdles before you finally proceed into the “loving yourself” portion. It is significantly vital to take note of the ground-zero of self-love.

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Do You hate Yourself Instead Of Loving It?

One of the possible reasons why you struggle with self-love, in the beginning is because you believe it to be a hard and tiring process. Understandably, you get the point. It is much easier to continue criticizing yourself because you thought it would honestly convince you to improve your unwanted qualities. Perhaps it suits a different angle where you acknowledge your imperfections and are willing to change those. However, too much attention you give to those negative things about you can make you feel less interested in self-love. And that is precisely the bubble you need to pop in your head. The constant hating on yourself is not helpful and will never be useful under any circumstances. Always remember that.

Your idea that self-love is much harder compared to self-hate is unacceptable. In all honesty, it is much more painful to hate yourself because you constantly think about your imperfections and the things you can’t do. I get that you might not be used to love yourself. That is why you choose to stick with the “hating” portion. But that is not the physically, emotionally, and mentally smartest option. If you are going to keep hating yourself because you believe you deserve it, then it could turn out that way. From there, you will forever feel bad about yourself because you think bad about yourself. Do you see the point there?

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Why Not Love Instead Of Hate?

Loving yourself is always a choice. It is not a decision that comes with too many options, though. It is a process that you must do whether you like it or not. Because when you love yourself, you tend to be aware of the things around you. You get to appreciate your capabilities, and you somehow get to understand your emotions. There are precision and effort that makes you constantly decide not to put too much hate and pressure on yourself. Yes, the whole process can turn out different from what you expect. But with a step-by-step procedure, you will eventually get there. You will end up gaining more positive outcomes once you have decided to put that self-hate aside.

Self-love is like learning things from the beginning. There is entirely no right or wrong ways to do it per se. As long as you are emotionally and mentally happy with everything about you, that explains it. It does not need a detailed elaboration because self-love itself is the whole idea and process of getting emotionally and mentally stable. So, why not love yourself instead of hate it?

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Could It Be Any Harder?

Self-love is a process, and I will say that again and again. You won’t achieve it overnight, and better results will not happen after a couple of minutes realizing you need it. You have to earn it. It would be exceptional if you worked hard for it to achieve it. Since I mentioned the word “work hard,” it makes you think that everything has the possibility of crashing down. Well, honestly, it could. Self-love can turn the other way around when you don’t focus on whatever you love about yourself. Suppose you can’t find enough reason why you need to constantly tell yourself that you are worthy, that you forgive yourself for every mistake you commit. In that case, you won’t progress even if you already started working on self-appreciation.

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Final Thoughts

To sum up things, the first and perhaps the hardest part you need to take is to genuinely believe that self-love is an easy, reliable, and effective approach. It would help if you looked at it as enjoyable, exciting, and worthy of your time. That way, you can have enough reason to start practicing it in ways day by day and little by little. You should always appreciate and give thanks to yourself a little more often. Affirm and tell yourself that your feelings, needs, wants, and ambitions entirely matter. Treat yourself better each day because no one is going to do that for you. Again, you have the power to decide what you choose to believe. Things can be a lot harder from your perspective, and that is okay. Learning to love yourself is challenging, but eventually, it won’t be.