Career Counseling

Many people tend to think that counseling is only for one’s mental care or marital issues.



Career Counseling

What they forget is that some career counselors help individuals recognize their potential in their careers and professions. Others may think career counseling is unnecessary, but career counseling can help you on presented vital career benefits for people today. As Hannah Goodman, LMHC explains, “Therapy is linked to health benefits that can ripple out to positively impact your work and career (and overall happiness!) and help you avoid costly healthcare bills.”

If you care to see a career counseling expert but aren’t entirely convinced, here are some reasons why you should get a career counseling appointment as soon as you can.

Why Seek Counseling To Reach Your Goals?

It’s hard to build a career choice without having any clear objective. While it’s good to go out and experiment to see what it is you want to do as your future career, you can’t do so forever. At some point, you’re going to have to set your foot down and make career planning and goals.

What Career Counselors Can Do

This is where career counseling comes in. A career counselor is trained to help you identify specific career targets that are feasible, timely, and reasonable. This way you can make sure that you can actually realistically achieve them.




Job Strengths And Weaknesses

Career Guidance Sessions

If you’ve ever been interviewed before, be it for a career or for the university, you’ll know that one of the most typical questions they ask is “what are your strengths and weaknesses?” So that you don’t find yourself scrambling for an answer, you should figure this out beforehand.

Career Objective

Admittedly, it may be difficult to have a job objective awareness of your faults and assets. You may not realize that you have some good job abilities and skills that are perfect for the workplace.

Likewise, you may not also notice the current career habits and traits you have that are unfavorable to coworkers and employers. A career counselor will be able to help you identify these unfavorable career traits from an objective standpoint.

“Use your strengths of critical thinking and hope to look at any negative situation in a fresh way. You might tap into hope to see how there are benefits to the stressor. ” –Ryan M. Niemiec Psy.D.

Career Tip

Career Counseling

It’s true that those who find success in their jobs owe it to having a good network of contacts. The idea of networking and socializing may be daunting to some. It’s difficult enough to order that daily cup of coffee from a barista you’ve already spoken to several times, what more when you’re talking to potential employers and co-workers in a business environment?

But having an extensive network opens up so many career choice. The idea is for both you and your newfound contacts to be able to benefit from your connection.

One connection leads to another and another and so on. These contacts can potentially help you land a job or connect you with big players in the industry.

Guidance On Career For Overall Personal Growth

Right Career Options

Career counseling professional advice can help you get ready for such events and situations. You’ll have the benefit of practicing with only a single person for a while before they help you by trying out the real deal. Chris Corbett, PsyD once said, “Many people also find that career counselors can be a tremendous asset to managing personal growth, interpersonal relationships, family concerns, marriage issues, and the hassles of daily life.” He’s right with that.



Career Counseling

Chosen Careers Services

The first thing employers screen with applicants is their resume or their curriculum vitae (CV). Would you know what the differences between these two are? Do you know how to prepare a cover letter? These are absolute essentials when seeking employment.

Career counseling professional advice will be able to guide you through career requirements. You’ll be able to know how to improve your resume or CV so that it stands out from the rest. A career counselor can also be able to counsel you on basic etiquette during career interviews as well as dress couture and policies.

Conclusion On Counseling For Career Services

Therefore, if you are still unsure of what you should do for your career planning, having career counseling is not a bad idea. Career counseling can help you from going into a career that you have zero interest in, and save you from wasting your time.


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