Online Counseling In Groups

With all the recent advancements in technology, the lives of many people have become more convenient and more comfortable. An excellent example of this is online counseling, which has helped a lot of individuals ever since it became available to those with mental health issues or problems. One of the most common forms of this treatment is group counseling in an online setting.  


What Is Group Counseling? 


There are many forms of psychotherapy and one of which is group counseling. The participants in the group are people who share the same concerns or problems. They come together to discuss what bothers them, their personal experiences and possible solutions to existing problems. To become effective, a head counselor must facilitate the discussions and interactions of the group members. This is to ensure that they are helping one another to get better. “[T]here is encouragement to both talk about your life outside the group and also to talk about the dynamics within the group.” Psychotherapist Ali Miller, MFT said.


Who Can Facilitate? 


When it comes to group support or counseling, the most common misconception is that anyone can facilitate the sessions. Well, this is entirely wrong. There is a great need to look for a psychologist or licensed mental health counselor. This professional plays an important role in the success of the counseling sessions. “Many people also find that counselors can be a tremendous asset to managing personal growth, interpersonal relationships, family concerns, marriage issues, and the hassles of daily life.” Chris Corbett, PsyD says. Without his presence, the group may become chaotic. In the long run, the members may end up having unresolved issues or encounter more problems. 


Can It Be Done Online? 


As already mentioned above, the availability of technology has improved the way people handle stress, anxiety, depression, and other related mental health issues. In this modern time, people can go online to talk to a therapist. They can already join a support group where the online counseling will take place. The best part about it is that they can easily connect with other individuals who are also going through the same things as they are. But remember, “online care is not for every patient or practitioner. Clients with more serious mental illnesses or addictions likely need more treatment than digital therapy can provide. And some clinicians may find certain telehealth modalities difficult.” clinical psychologist Nina Barlevy, PsyD emphasizes.


Is Online Counseling In Groups Effective? 


Notwithstanding the popularity of online counseling, there are still some people who are hesitant to give it a try. For these persons, the said method is only a waste of their money. The truth is that online counseling in groups has tons of benefits and advantages: 

  • The members will feel more comfortable to open up because the sessions are made in a remote environment. They will not worry about their facial expressions.
  • The cost of online counseling is more affordable compared to personalized therapies.  As such, the participants do not need to spend thousands of dollars just to achieve the goals of the sessions.  
  • Another dominant win for online counseling is the convenience it provides to the patients involved. Anyone can gain access to an online counselor at any time of the day. Even if she is at home or at work, she can still contact the counselor as well as the other members of the support group. 


The effectiveness of online counseling depends on several factors. It is imperative that these factors must come together so that the patients with mental health issues can enjoy the benefits out of it.  If you are interested to try it, do not hesitate to contact a professional expert right away.