How To Save A Marriage From Falling Apart



Every married couple knows that staying in love and keeping the marriage alive is a complete struggle. Sometimes no matter how much two people love each other, there is still a possibility that they may end up going on separate ways. There are many reasons why a marriage can go down the drain. If you do not want to make your marital union end in divorce, then be sure to take note of these tips on how to save your marriage:

  1. Spend more time with your spouse. “It can be difficult to re-establish a healthy routine and empower yourself after a toxic relationship.” Heather Edwards LMHC, NCC, BCC said. Make her feel that she’s the most important part of your life right now. Learn how to find the perfect balance between being a husband and being an employee at the office. Remember that quality is more valuable than quantity. This means that it is not the frequency of moments you share together that matters the most but the quality of the time spent even if they do not happy every day.


  1. Learn how to communicate freely. “Couples often feel that they know and understand their partner, and are compatible on most issues. However, this is a mistake.” Dr. Chantal Gagnon PhD LMHC said. Stop keeping secrets from your partner because it will only hurt her and the relationship. The important element in every marriage is trust or fidelity. You must know how significant it is for your wife to know what you are feeling, thinking or planning to do. Learn how to open yourself up to her so that she can also do the same.




  1. Never get tired of giving surprises. Always remember the special dates such as birthdays or anniversaries. Plan ahead of time so that you could give out interesting and lovely surprises to the other person. Keep in mind that the surprise does not need to be fancy. As long as it comes from the heart, it will be definitely by great.


  1. Avoid stressing about the financial matters. One of the most common marital problems arises from money problems. Do not let these issues get to you. Otherwise, you will end up feeling a lot of stress and anxiety. When this happens, you tend to have conversations that usually end up in disagreements or misunderstandings. Instead of making money a big issue, try to set it aside first in order to get to her side. “Financial stress appears to be the cause of about 80 percent of all divorces. This goes to show just how stressful financial trouble can be for a couple who are both affected by it.” Jennifer Baxt, LMFT, LMHC said.




  1. Show your wife how much you love the kids. The truth is that no one wants to raise children in a broken family. Give your wife a chance to rethink the divorce by making her feel that you care for your kids. Let her realize the reasons why she fell in love with you in the first place. However, it is essential that you keep the divorce issue between you and the other spouse. Never involve the children.


What you need to learn right now is that proving to your spouse how much you love her is going to be a difficult process. You may experience a disheartening situation in the future but you must not let it bring you down. Always remind yourself that marriage is a choice. Be sure that your wife would choose you.