Five Vital Skills A Counselor Should Possess According To The 2016 San Jose Counselors Convention


Counselors or therapists play a crucial role in addressing mental health issues. They are the key to wellness that’s why it is essential that we recognize the five vital skills they should possess. The 2016 San Jose Counselors Convention discusses how to identify these skills and how they are critical in achieving mental wellness.

Five Vital Skills Counselors Or Therapists Should Possess: 

  1. Genuine Empathy And Sympathy

A good counselor displays a genuine interest in helping the patient. He must show both empathy and sympathy to make the patient feel that he is understood.

  1. Excellent Listening Skills

A good counselor should listen attentively, not to seem to be waiting to respond. Some counselors appear to know it all that they make patients feel as if they need to finish as soon as possible.

  1. Accessibility

A good counselor must be available whenever he is needed. There are some who travel a lot which may make the impression that they give less importance to the treatment of the patients.

  1. Flexibility

A good counselor should be able to adjust regardless of race, religion, culture, and beliefs. He should not make patients feel intimidated or discriminated.

  1. Authenticity

A good counselor displays good intention. He is focused on treating patients, and he does it because he genuinely wants to and not just because it is his profession.


The role of the counselors is essential in determining the success of mental health treatments that’s why it is vital that people know what to look for when they are seeking professional help. The 2016 San Jose Counselors Convention hopes to aid people in recognizing the necessary skills when looking for a counselor or a therapist. The more skillful the counselor is, the more likely and promptly wellness will be.